Meet Christine

Hello! My name's Christine and I am the owner and designer behind Matcha Paper Co.

I am a Bay Area based graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for all things crafty. I consider myself a modern day Renaissance woman because I love exploring different artistic outlets and expanding my creative skillset.

I created Matcha Paper Co. in 2018 out of boredom while working as a Graphic/UI Designer at a tech company. I wanted a creative outlet that was beyond only drawing schematic diagrams.

Now what started as a side business has now evolved into my full time job and I am very excited to see where this creative journey takes me.

Matcha Inspired

What ultimately led me to choose Matcha Paper Co. as my main branding/name was because of a recent obsession with matcha around that time and the lack of matcha related stationery.

So Matcha Paper Co. was born! And it has become this wonderful design canvas for experimentation and exploration.

At the core of it all, my brand is all about craft. From the design to the packaging, every aspect of what I do will always be thoughtfully crafted with love and care.

Whether you're a fan of matcha, or simply love cute and unique designs, I hope you'll find something in my shop that resonates with you.

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, don't hesitate to reach out!

Let's Connect!